Hi, we’re Big Eyed Fish – a Townsville based web design and digital marketing agency helping small businesses, community organisations, artists and solo-entrepreneurs grow their business by building and maintaining an effective online presence.

Hi, I’m Ryan and this is a selfie I took while riding my bike to work a little while ago (note to self: find a better photo). I’ve lived in Townsville most of my life. It’s my home and I love it. And, not only am I a local small business owner, just like you, I make the majority of my purchases from local businesses, just like yours.

I started Big Eyed Fish because I want to help small businesses grow and the best way I know how to do that is through digital marketing ie. websites, social media, email etc.

Too many small businesses have been held at ransom by poor service, over-priced yet poorly designed websites (some web design agencies are charging over $10k for a simple website (can you believe it?), expensive ongoing fees and general lack of understanding about what small businesses need to be successful online.

Bottom line is that most web design agencies don’t really care all that much for small business. But I do. I think that small business is actually a big deal.

I know you’ve got a business to run. You’ve got products to sell and services to provide. I also know that you’re short on time and you’ve got a budget to stick to. I know that building a website or doing digital marketing is hard to prioritise when there are customers to serve, inventory to order, invoices to pay and… well, you know where I’m going.

Established in 2016, Big Eyed Fish locally owned and run and exists with the sole purpose of helping small businesses grow.

I believe small business is the backbone of our community. I believe non-profits, community organisations and artists serve and enrich our community. I understand that money is tight and your schedule is even tighter. I know you want things done simply and affordably. No messing around.

I design engaging, mobile optimised, and affordable websites, perfect for small businesses, community organisations, artists and solo-entrepreneurs. I can also advise on and develop digital marketing strategy that’s effective and easy for busy people and for those of you who are new to digital marketing, to implement.