Big Eyed Fish is a boutique, Townsville based digital marketing agency helping micro and small businesses, community organisations and artists grow their business by building and maintaining an effective online presence.

We know you’ve got a business to run, services to provide and art to conceive of. Creating a website, building awareness on social media or content marketing just isn’t front of mind.

It’s hard to prioritise digital marketing when there’s work to be done and customers to be served.

Historically, websites and digital marketing have been out of reach for many small operators due to price (some web design agencies will charge upwards of $10k for a website), poor service and non-existent relationships with design agencies that operate from big cities.

“We believe small-business is a big deal!”

That’s why we exist. Established in 2016, we’re locally owned and run and we’re passionate about helping the ‘little guy’. We believe small business is a big deal and the backbone of our community. We believe non-profit community services and artists serve and enrich our community. We understand that money is tight and your schedule is even tighter. We know you want things done simply and affordably. No messing around.

We design engaging, mobile optimised, and affordable websites, perfect for small businesses, community organisations, artists and solo-entrepreneurs. We advise and develop marketing strategy that’s effective and easy for busy people and those of you who are new to digital marketing, to implement.

We’re here for you so please feel free to get in touch for anything at all.

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